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Shadow fight 2 mod 1.9.11 For Android

Shadow fight 2 mod 1.9.11 For Android


ไฟล์เกม   ลงใน SD / Android / Obb 

Remove the game if it has been set up to this;
Turn off the Internet;
Install apk and modified cache from version 1.7.0;
Launch the game (if there are any queries at all, press No);
If the bottom of the screen are white label, you know – you are on the right path;
Walk three fights;
Go to the store and click on the icon hangers;
For crystals, money and levels of press buttons Money + 10k, Bonus + 1k and Level +1, respectively;
If you want to buy things in the store, and all go some more the battle;
Set on top mode (ie without removing anything) the latest version of the original;
If you need – internet enabled;